//Prop Master Mini (stand alone)
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Prop Master Mini (stand alone)

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Master Prop Controller for props that need up to 10 inputs (code sequence buttons)and three high powered DC outputs.

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Product Description

You asked and we answered.

K-smart props and our MSK, is indefinably the best way the fully control a room and the atmosphere but the real die hard DIY prop-makers out there asked for a versatile stand alone prop controller that had its own power regulator and transistor switching system.

This is your answer.

The prop Master Mini is a 10 input 3 output prop controller that is stand alone. You asked for an easy fully programmable prop controller and we answered with the Prop Master Mini. Say you wanted to build a button sequence prop with one to 10 buttons that when completed, opened a 12 volt  mag lock or turned on a 24 volt led or opened a solenoid, waited 8 seconds and then closed it and turned on a motor…you get the idea, we will program this card to most anything you want, it even has an expansion slot to link boards together. Think of magnetic sensors, light breaks, large motor props.  The three mosfets can handle up to 50v dc at 3 amps.

And the best part is we can send multiple plug and play programs to do different things all you need to do is swap out the chip with the new one (plug and play NO SOLDERING), and you are off and running with a new prop.

Your imagination is the only limit with this board.



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