//Master Show Kontroller (MSK) Developed Exclusively For The Escape Room Industry
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Master Show Kontroller (MSK) Developed Exclusively For The Escape Room Industry

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The Ultimate Escape Room Controller to Automate your room from start to finish.

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Product Description

This is what brings your room and theme to the “WOW” level. The MSK (K is for Korhonen) is the brains sounds and power for the entire room all tied back to one simple and easy to operate unit. It is unparalleled in the escape room industry for its ability to:
– Make room start-ups and re-sets easy and foolproof by giving warnings on the onboard LCD display and not allowing the room to start unless all of the electronic props and puzzles have been re-set.
– Starting the master guest timer when staff press a button on the outside of the room on the msk.
– Showing the time left in the room on the onboard LCD.
– Showing what props have been solved and the guest’s stage in the game on the onboard LCD.
– Powering all of the props from one power source eliminating the need for multiple wall outlet power supplies.
– Resetting the electronic room with a press of a button.
– The ability to trigger multiple effects and/or audio puzzles in any sequence or interval when a single prop has been solved.
– The ability to change the timing and triggered effects after the room has been played for a while to tweak the gameplay.
– The ability to set effects to trigger at specific times or durations in the game to do things like a ten minute warning or to speed up or slow down the game if the guests are playing too fast or slow.
– Supply’s a dual mp3 fully programmable sound system for 8 plus gigabytes of sounds, music and special effects. One player plays continuously for a background ambient sound track like jungle sounds or mood music while the other provides triggered audio clips like sound clues, spoken phrases or even a scream to startle.


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