//Large Danger Level Display

Large Danger Level Display

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Build Tension and Anxiety with this Customizable Danger Level Display.

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Product Description

This is a large 12″ by 6″ wide by 3″ deep easily readable Danger level display, Perfect for simulating things like dropping oxygen levels or rising crisis colour codes.
The prop is controlled by the MSK* to provide a Visual display of what ever rising crisis levels your theme demands. It is fully customizable by simply changing the printing on the face plate.
The levels and light bars can be programmed into the MSK* to trigger from room times or events making it the perfect prop to add tension to the theme at crucial stages, like having a bomb defusing start to release toxic gas. Accompanying audio effects are a must and are also easily programmed in so when the level drops alarms can sound or a warm friendly voice can calmly tell the guests they have 1 minute to live.
Like all K-smart props a half hour of MSK effects programming is included in the price of the prop which is much longer then typically necessary but covers a bit of tweaking after guest feedback to get it perfect.


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