//Magnetic Lock 100Lb force 12vdc
  • 12vdc 100lb force Mag Lock

Magnetic Lock 100Lb force 12vdc

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Magnetic Lock 12vdc 100lb Holding Force

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Product Description

This Magnetic Lock is a must have for the modern escape room puzzle props. It is versatile and very robust (no moving Parts).

This lock needs 12vdc in the locked position but does not heat up like solenoid locks do when powered.

It has about a 100lb holding force before it lets go and it is fail open meaning if the power is removed it unlocks.

This makes if perfect for escape doors and drop boxes if it is used with the proper accessories.


There are a few things that you MUST address when using these locks that most sites do not mention but are of critical importance.

1- They let go that current when the power is removed in the opposite direction meaning the polarity is reversed and will most likely fry any sensitive electronics associated with then circuit like a micro controller UNLESS there is a protective diode wired into the circuit like this Magfry Protection Block. This also applies to a solenoid lock or relay.

2- They are locked when the power is on so if you are using it in an instance where it is supposed to swing open after the puzzle has been solved , the power must be on for it to reset to the locked position.

3-The mag plate for the door can not be a magnetically attractive like steel it will try and magnetize the whole door or steel stud and weaken the holding force. They are a bit finicky to install so be sure to watch our videos or contact our technical support team if you are having problems.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 13 x 14 in


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