//K-Smart Props and Puzzles

These are genuine K-Smart© props, meaning:

  • A single plug in phone jack cord (RJ11) is all that is needed to power the prop’s controller and communication line as well as making it easy to install and repair if needed.
  • It is in constant communication with the MSK providing valuable feedback on the progress the guests are making in the room.
  • It has the ability to trigger multiple effects when solved such as atmospheric music changes, door openings, Door locking, lighting changes etc.
  • The triggered effects can be easily changed or customized after the prop has been installed in the MSK programming including group specific programs for corporate events and wedding proposals.
  • Other electronic puzzles and effects can be locked or unlocked to prevent guests from solving this puzzle out of order and sustain linear gameplay.
  • Employee’s cannot reset the room and will be warned by the MKS* if the prop has been left in the solved position.
  • In the event of severe monkey damage** the prop can be manually triggered from the MSK with an O.S.O. Button (Oh, Shoot, Override) and allow linear gameplay to continue.

MSK Integration and Programming

Room theme puzzle sequence Integration and programming is included in the invoiced price of the k-smart© prop (some exceptions apply).