Project Description

Escape House London wanted a distinctly Indianna Jones feel to thier crystal skull room. We were commissioned to create 3 authentic looking staffs of raw that when placed in a pond of water in the correct order would change the colour pulse on a skull, play an audio clue and open a cabnit. After searching the internet for replica props we desided it would take too much work modifiy them to fit our needs so we desided to 3D print our own. We designed a fair representation in SolidWorks and created a step file for the 3D printer, then we went to work printing out the three staff headpieces and some extras. Once compleated we smotherd out the 3D print lines and painted them a tarnished gold colour and pressed in the diamond eye.
The underwater staff supports had to be plastic welded from pvc sheeting and pipe with a waterproof inner layer for the electronics.
We used our simple Magnetic sensor prop board for with 3 magnetic sensors siliconed into the supports.
Once compleated the MSK took care of all the effects and the result was an amazing room that constantly generates rave reviews.