Project Description

Client: Escape Canada – Hamilton

Room: Alcatraz

This is a perfect example of how to use our Multi-Magnet Sensor Board. The Client wanted a chess set that could tell when 6 chess pieces were on their proper positions.

A trip to the local value village supplied a nice chess set with glass pieces that were hollow (to put the 1/2 inch magnets in).

We used the 6 of the 8 possible sensors of the Multi-Magnet Sensor Board and basically stapled and hot melt glues them under the proper spots.

We got a little fancy for $1.15 and printed a chess board on paper  with ” property of alcatraz” stamped on it.

Again this is a K-Smart prop so IT DOES NOT NEED SEPARATE POWER SUPPLY. All of the power ad communication comes from the phone (RJ11) cord running from the prop to the MSK (Master Show Kontroller).

When activated it played an audio clue and opened a cupboard door just out of reach of the inmate guests…hmmmm how do they get what is inside?