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    There are a few things that you MUST address when using Electronic locks that most sites do not mention but are of critical importance.

    1- These are essentially an electronic magnet and as a result they need a large rush of current to charge the magnet (about half an amp).

    2- They let go that current when the power is removed in the opposite direction meaning the polarity is reversed and will most likely fry any sensitive electronics associated with then circuit like a micro controller UNLESS there is a protective diode wired into the circuit like this Magfry Protection Block. This also applies to a magnetic lock or relay.

    3- SOLENOID LOCKS will get very hot if left energized for too long. This is why we do not recommend using these locks unless they are combined with some kind of control and sensor system in place to safely turn off the power after the puzzle has been solved and is no longer needed in the game play. Our Solenoid Lock Sensor with Magfry protector kit takes care of all of this for you when combined with the Korhonen Master Show Kontroller or Mini Kontroller. MAGNETIC LOCKS do not get anywhere near as hot when energized.

    4- SOLENOID LOCKS do not like any friction when they are trying to suck in so the latch must be free to move a bit when the door or drawer is closed otherwise they might not work, like in a drop box. When there is pressure against the door a magnetic lock is a much better choice.

    5- SOLENOID LOCKS are locked when the power is off so if for some reason the power fails you need some pritty good lock picking skills to get them to open and because they fail in the locked position NEVER put them on an escape door!!

    2- MAGNETIC LOCKS are locked when the power is on so if you are using it in an instance where it is supposed to swing open after the puzzle has been solved , the power must be on for it to reset to the locked position.

    3-With a MAGNETIC LOCK the mag plate for the door can not be a magnetically attractive like steel it will try and magnetize the whole door or steel stud and weaken the holding force. They are a bit finicky to install so be sure to watch our videos or contact our technical support team if you are having problems.

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