Congratulations you have just taken your first step in owning and profiting by your very own

Escape room.

Building you own escape room business is a huge and daunting task.

What makes it worse is the resources that are currently out there to provide high end room designs that can get you in a profit situation as soon as possible.

A quick search of the internet gets you lots of people selling pdf room descriptions for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

For your money you get e-mailed 10 to 20 pages of riddles with written descriptions of what the puzzle should look like and invariably these puzzles all end the same way with the player entering a combination into a padlock to get a key for the next padlock.

These games never have any high end technical effects and even worse, when they do it is up to you to figure out how to make them work. We have seen pdf game clue sets sold for a thousand dollars that have no Idea how to do the actual puzzles they are describing.

You can go out and try to cobble together electronic props from different suppliers out there but in the end you are left with about a million extension cord running to power each prop with  mismatched effects and no control whatsoever over the room.

The very worst thing about these room you can buy from other companies are that that they never existed in real life when they were originally written. The company that is selling these was simply guessing that they would work and they would be able to be built and most of all the creators of these rooms had no way of knowing if the room would actually make money!

There wasn’t any solution to the escape room owners risk and loss of buying an expensive escape room designs that either were boring and riddled with crosswords and padlocks or simply too complicated to build without a team of engineers and programmers or worst of all once built received bad reviews and did not make any profits.

No solution…Until Now!

Enter’s complete media and material room design and environment packages.

Let’s break down what an escape room resource room design package provides.

Let’s break down why our room designs are a whole new level above anything out there.

  • Our rooms are created from a 100% proven money making highly reviewed room. You can go on line and actually see fully booked days of the room you will be building and see the high ratings that players have left leading to many more bookings. We have already worked out the bugs that can cause huge headaches for new room owners like the best way to re-set the room and maintenance issues to watch out for.


  • You get a full Master show controller (MSK) and electronics room environment package that contains the MSK and all of the plug and play prop modules that you need to create the ultimate gameplay experience for the guests and an easy low maintenance operating environment for your employees. In addition to providing power and control to all the electronic props in the room the MSK can….
  • Start and stop the room with LCD gameplay remaining and prop solved readout with the flick of a switch.
  • Front desk control of time remaining, puzzles solved and manual prop triggering from a web page at the front desk.
  • Prop telephones in the room also double as a way for the guests to ask for clues or for staff to point guests in the right direction.
  • Provide a completely immersive atmosphere by creating subtle ambient room noise and soundtrack changes at different points in the game as well as dim and/ or flicker room lights.
  • We can re-program the MSK right from our home office to make changes for things like corporate events or wedding proposals.


  • We provide a complete multimedia package to ensure your room build goes as smoothly as possible by providing…
  • A complete printed document of the room puzzles pictures and clue sets from beginning to end.
  • Excel prop lists with cause and effect puzzles and descriptions to organize and keep the build on track.
  • Actual existing room pictures and 3d solid works cad drawings explaining in great detail how and where each puzzle is laid out.
  • A complete walk through video showing in real time the gameplay, puzzles and props.
  • The full electronics prop and show controller plug module guide showing every little detail of how and where to locate and operate the electronics and room environment control system.
  • All of the audio and photographic images needed to complete the room including background ambient noise and sound effects.
  • Special detailed video and CAD drawing instructions that make building the props for the room easy.


  • We provide backup technical support both during the build and start up using our years of experience to get your issues solved fast and trouble free.
  • Our first come first serve Geolocation system will only sell one of the same room design per area giving you exclusive rights for your location.


We love talking about our room designs and even just about escape rooms in general so send us an e-mail or even pick up the phone and call us we will help you get started in the business any way we can.